Anushka – Virat Kohli Son ‘Akaay’ – Welcome Their Second Child

Indian cricketer Virat Kohli and his wife, actress Anushka Sharma, shared some happy news on Instagram. They welcomed their second child, a baby boy, on February 15, 2024. They named him Akaay.

The couple posted on Instagram to share their joyful news. They wrote:

“We seek your blessings and good wishes in this beautiful time in our lives. We request you to kindly respect our privacy at this time. Love & Gratitude. Virat & Anushka.”

The couple kept Anushka’s second pregnancy a secret for a while. But there was a video going around that got people talking. In the video, Anushka, wearing a black dress and walking with her cricketer husband, showed a baby bump, sparking speculation.

Anushka and Virat, often called ‘Virushka’ by fans, got married in December 2017 in a quiet wedding ceremony in Italy. They surprised everyone by keeping it low-key.

In 2021, they happily welcomed their daughter. Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli named their first child, a daughter, Vamika. The name Vaamika means an epithet of the Goddess Durga, who is situated on the left side or ‘vam’ of Shiva. This name was not very popular back in 2010, with only five babies per million being named Vamika. However, its popularity increased over the years, and by 2021, it was shared among 28 babies per million.

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli have once again caught people’s attention with the unique name they’ve chosen for their son, Akaay.

What is the Meaning of Akaay in Hindi?

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli haven’t revealed where they got the name Akaay from yet. But Akaay literally means “body-less” or निराकार.

The name Akaay comes from the Hindi word ‘kaya’, which means body. So, Akaay suggests someone who is beyond just the physical form. In Sanskrit, Akaay means someone without a body, or incorporeal. It can also refer to the fire on a funeral pyre, or a dwelling place.

What’s interesting is that the name Akaay has a connection to Turkish as well. In Turkish, ‘Akaay’ means a shining moon.

Celebrities Reaction on Virat-Anushka Baby Boy News

As soon as Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli shared the news, fans, along with people from the film and cricket world, filled the comment section with their best wishes.

Actor Ranveer Singh left a bunch of ‘evil eye’ and heart emojis to show his support.

“God bless,” actor Rakul Preet Singh wrote to congratulate the couple.

Recently, former South Africa cricket captain AB de Villiers revealed on his official YouTube channel that Kohli and Anushka were expecting their second child.

AB de Villiers apologized to Kohli, admitting he had made a mistake in his previous video.

“I want to say sorry to my friend Virat Kohli. I made a mistake in my last video. He’s still not available. Let’s give him the privacy he deserves. Family comes first. We don’t know everything that’s happening. Let’s respect that,”

ABD said on his YouTube channel, showing his support for the Kohli family.

What is the Special Meaning Behind the Name Akaay from an Astrological and Numerological Perspective?

In numerology and based on the panchang, which is like a Hindu almanac, the date of Virat Kohli son Akaay’s birth, February 15, 2024, adds up to a birth number of 6 and a destiny number of 7. His birth day, Thursday, is influenced by the number 3, which is linked to Jupiter. Akaay’s sun sign is Aquarius, ruled by the numbers 4 and 8, while his moon sign is Aries, ruled by 9.

The name ‘Akaay’ totals to the number 6, which is connected to Venus in Zero Numerology. This name seems to suit both Anushka and Virat, and their newborn son quite well.

The name ‘Akaay’ symbolizes someone who’s more than just a body, carrying divine blessings. With a name number adding up to 6, governed by Venus, it’s believed to bring extra blessings to the child. ‘Akaay’ has different meanings across various cultures, but the main idea revolves around good fortune for the child.

In numerology, the number 6 stands for balance, harmony, and responsibility. People with this number aim for harmony in life, showing kindness to others. They value family and community and often engage in volunteer work. They’re also inclined towards creativity and beauty, and they believe in the goodness of people.

The arrival of their second child will bring even more luck to Anushka and Virat. They might venture into business and startups, leading to significant success. Anushka might expand her interests in fashion, luxury, and startup investments. With the special name number 6 (Venus) and the first letter of the name being number 1 (Sun), their child’s future seems bright in the public eye. They could bring pride to their country and their parents from a young age.


Is Akaay Kohli born in London?

There have been rumors circulating about Anushka Sharma giving birth at a London hospital. However, the couple, Anushka and Virat, have decided to keep their location private, so there is no official confirmation regarding the location of the birth

What is Virat Kohli’s son’s name?

Virat Kohli son name is “Akaay Kohli”

When was Virat Kohli’s son Akaay born?

Akaay Virat Kohli born on 15 February 2024

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