Rinku Singh Cricketer Family Background, Wife, Father, Mother & House with Photos

Hi everyone! Today, we are going to talk about a super talented young cricketer, Rinku Singh family background. If you are into cricket, you might already know him, but did you hear about the time he hit 5 sixes in a row during an IPL 2023 match against the Gujarat Titans? That’s seriously impressive!

But that’s just the beginning of Rinku’s story. Whether you’re a cricket fan or just love hearing about people achieving big things, stick around till the end of this blog because you don’t want to miss out on Rinku Singh’s awesome journey. Let’s dive into his aspiring family background, family members, siblings, wife, girlfriend and family situations! If you want to know more about Rinku Singh’s professional life you can read our another article Rinku Singh Biography.

Rinku Singh Family Background

The inspiring Indian cricket Rinku Singh faced tough family conditions while growing up. But instead of letting tough times bring him down, Rinku used them as motivation to do better. Why? Because he wanted to give his family a better life. Rinku Singh family’s story is what keeps him going and striving for success.

Rinku Singh Birth Date and Place/ Home Town:

Rinku Khanchand Singh, a promising cricket talent, was born on October 12, 1997 in Talanagri in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Rinku Singh Caste

Rinku Singh made headlines with his impressive feat of hitting 5 consecutive sixes in IPL 2023 against Gujarat Titans. However, it’s disheartening that instead of celebrating his remarkable performance, people are more interested in searching for his caste. This shift of focus, rather than appreciating his talent, is quite disappointing.

Social media is buzzing with claims about Rinku Singh’s caste, ranging from Jaat, Jatav, Brahmin, Saini, Sidhh communities, and more. According to a news portal, “Patrika,” villagers have mentioned that he belongs to the “BarBer (Naai)” caste.

At the end of the day, it’s essential to move away from the divisive mindset of the caste system and appreciate athletes for their skills. Let’s focus on cheering for players like Rinku Singh, hoping they get opportunities to represent the Indian team and showcase their talents on a broader stage.

Early life – Living with Family

Growing up in a two room house with seven family members was a real challenge for Rinku. Balancing school, work and a passion for cricket was a real challenge for him. Despite his family’s belief that focusing on education and a job would secure a better future, Rinku’s heart was set on cricket from a young age.

Facing pressure to contribute to the family income, he dropped out of school after failing the 9th grade. His first job at a coaching institute, suggested by his elder brother, has him working as a sweeper. However, Rinku soon realized this was not where his passion lay. He believed that cricket, not sweeping, could bring about positive change for his family.

Determined, to pursue his dreams, he opened up to his mother about his aspirations for a cricket career. To his delight, she understood and stood by him, offering her support for his journey.

Rinku Singh Parents

Rinku Singh Parents
Rinku Singh Father and Mother

Mother: Vina Devi

In Rinku’s cricket journey, his mother played a crucial role. As we mentioned above, the desire to support his family, Rinku initially took up a job suggested by his brother, involving sweeping at a coaching institute. However, it didn’t bring him joy, and he knew he could contribute more through cricket.

Taking a bold step, he left the job to pursue his dream of playing cricket. His intention was to show his mother that cricket could provide better financial support than sweeping. Rinku firmly believed that cricket had the power to transform their lives. His mother, understanding him like no one else, quietly saved money for him, unwaveringly believing in his dream.

Rinku Singh Mother
Rinku Singh Mother

He also mentioned about this incident in one of his interviews;

“My mom once suggested, ‘Since your father isn’t supporting you, why not get a job?’ So, I decided to try my luck at a coaching center nearby. I envisioned landing a good position, dressed in a shirt and pants. To my surprise, they offered me a sweeping job, saying I could do it early in the morning without anyone noticing. I didn’t feel right about it, so I made a decision – I would concentrate on cricket instead. I left that job, worked hard, and now, my efforts have paid off.”

Rinku Singh

With his mother’s quiet support, Rinku dedicated himself to cricket, practicing day and night. Even without informing his father, she would secretly slip him money. Her love and unwavering belief became the driving force behind Rinku’s hard work and determination to succeed.

Father: Khan Chandra Singh

In the beginning, Rinku Singh’s father, Khan Chandra Singh, worked delivering gas cylinders for a company called Goyal Jyoti Enterprises. Initially, Rinku’s dad wasn’t thrilled about him playing cricket; he wanted Rinku to focus on studying for a better future. This difference in opinion led to arguments, and at times, his dad even used a stick to scold him.

Rinku Singh Father
Rinku Singh Father

However, the people in their neighborhood recognized Rinku’s cricketing talent and advised his dad to support him. As Rinku’s dedication became evident, his dad changed his perspective, acknowledging the hard work and passion Rinku put into cricket. Despite past disagreements, he started backing Rinku’s dream of becoming a cricketer.

Even after facing punishment for playing cricket, Rinku persevered, practicing rigorously for tournaments. In a heartfelt gesture, he bought a bike and gifted it to his dad, making his gas cylinder deliveries more manageable. This thoughtful act strengthened the bond, and Rinku’s dad decided to wholeheartedly support his son’s cricket dreams.

The story between Rinku and his father teaches us a valuable lesson – that no matter how tough the journey, with hard work and love for family, one can overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams.

Rinku Singh Wife / Girlfriend

With Rinku Singh’s rising popularity, fans are naturally curious about his personal life, including his current relationship status and whether he is married. Rumors have been circulating, suggesting that he might be dating Suhana Khan, the daughter of Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan, which has intensified fans’ curiosity.

Rinku Singh Wife

Additionally, there were speculations about his past link to Sacchi Marwah, the wife of Indian cricketer Nitish Rana. To clear up these doubts, let’s delve deeper into the reality of these dating rumors.

The truth is, Rinku Singh is not currently dating anyone. He is not married, engaged, nor does he have any ex-wives or past fiancées. Furthermore, Rinku has chosen to focus entirely on his career at this time, dedicating himself to giving his best in the world of cricket rather than pursuing a romantic relationship.

Rinku Singh Siblings

Rinku Singh, the third among five siblings, has a family story that’s truly inspiring. Let’s take a closer look at his brothers and sister.

Rinku Singh Brothers

Sonu Singh (Eldest Brother)

Sonu Singh, Rinku’s eldest brother, has a mere 3-year age gap with him. To support the Rinku Singh family, Sonu worked as an auto driver. Remarkably, at just 13 years old, Rinku witnessed his brother’s marriage to Aarti Singh.

Rinku Singh Brother
Rinku Singh Brother

Aarti Singh (Sister-In-Law)

Aarti Singh, married to Sonu Singh, plays a crucial role in the family. Not only is she a caring sister-in-law, but her presence adds warmth and strength to their household. Aarti and Sonu have two sons.

Mukul Singh (Elder Brother)

Mukul Singh, Rinku’s elder brother, took on the role of a sweeper at a coaching institute to contribute to the family’s well-being. It was Mukul who suggested the sweeper job to Rinku, hoping it would assist the family. However, Rinku declined the offer, determined to pursue his cricket dream.

Sheelu and Jitu (Younger Brothers)

Rinku Singh has two younger brothers, Sheelu and Jitu Singh, who are following his footsteps into the world of cricket.

Rinku Singh Family Background
Rinku Singh Brother Jeetu Singh

Rinku Singh Sister

Neha Singh (Youngest Sister)

Neha Singh, the youngest sister of the cricket star, has been a constant source of support throughout Rinku’s cricket journey.

Rinku Singh Family
Rinku Singh Family: Sister

Living in a two-room house with seven family members, Rinku’s determination shines brightly. Despite facing financial challenges, his unwavering desire to give his family a better life has fueled his journey. Even when obstacles seemed insurmountable, Rinku’s determination to change his family’s life has served as a powerful motivator. This story beautifully illustrates that having a big dream and working hard can make a significant difference, even in the face of adversity.

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